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Tighten Your Seatbelts

Poem Written by Sandra Chukwudumebi Obiora 11.37am  21.05.2013 ©

‘Things are about to change! Prepare your heart for things will not stay the same.

You were wrong to indulge so much my dear. Stand up, dust up.

Unwise I might add, because now it is very hard for you to let go.

You should have just schemed the surface. Should not have gone in so deep.’

‘Now you are lost. Not sure why you must lose this comfort, if you will.

Yes you will. Reality is cruel my darling. So tie up your laces. Get ready.’

‘It will be taken away from you like it was never present.

It will become just like a mere figment of your imagination.’

‘Tighten your belts’; said the host.

‘Prepare for the next stage of your ride,

That phase where you lose it all again, to get it all back again;

In new forms, new faces, new shapes, new sizes, new voices, new knowledge’ he added.

For indeed many things will be lost,  and many others gained.

Still you must persevere in this new weather you are soon to enter. Tighten your belt my love.’

‘Latch on to your parachute right now. Keep your head high.

For soon, the latch will be forced open, the wind will be let in, and you sent flying. So be strong!’.

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“Sometimes, we already know all the lines. Believe me, we know. 

We know that our suffering will not last for a lifetime. 

We know that our struggles will end someday soon.

We know that tomorrow may truly be better.

We understand that a happy disposition is better than a sad one.

We realize that our pain will heal and fade away.


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We still need someone to say to us ‘don’t worry. don’t be sad. don’t cry’. We still want to hear the words ‘everything will be okay’.

Hearing the phrase ‘tomorrow will be better’ awakens our spirit and gets us on our feet.

having someone say to us ‘Do not be afraid’, ‘be of good cheer my friend, my brother, my sister, my neighbor’ never gets old. 

Finally when they say to us ‘it is well with you’, our hearts begin to soar in the clearer skies of relief.

Believe me, this world can never tire for an oversupply of encouragers.”

~ Sandra C. Obiora


Thought for today: Are you an encourager, encouraged, or both?

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