Blue Whale

Featured Piece written by Chris Nash ©

Chris tries to use poetry to give a voice to the ones whose voices have been lost or taken away from them. He is currently working on a series of songs that species under severe threat of extinction might sing – if we had ears to listen to them. Blue Whale is one of them. Continue reading Blue Whale


Photography with G&C

Founded in June 2017, G&C is a unique duo.

The band is composed of Gin (孙吉) and CaiCai (蔡秉汝) . They both have a strong sense of music and a seamless ability to create musical masterpieces together. Both of them excel in impromptu ensembles; their powerful telepathy even makes their rehearsing sounds like an improvisation. A tasteful blend of Chinese and Western in its true form, the sound of the band is one with a soul. Recently, this duo have begun to delve more into the divine world of photography.

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