Written by Sandra C. Bamisile ©

Beloved, you are being deceived.

You cannot see it. Neither can you tell why.

The one beside you right now, despises you.

The illusion is that they care. But they do not.

So run! I beg you far away from this evil one.

This parasite that is sticking itself to you.

Run! I beg before that knife in their hands,

Winds up in your back, run!

Tap, tap: Open your eyes and see what I see

Before it is too late.

Tap, tap: Now you see, flee from shame I beg you.

Flee so shame and disgrace will come onto them instead.

Run dear one for your life.

Run dear one for your destiny to be secured.

Run dear one, for it is out of love I tell you this,

That absolutely, not everything glittering right now is gold.


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