Poem by Ayivi Williams ©

Silence is a sweet poison

He is a slow silent killer

He mostly likes to be alone

When he feels too lonely

He tries to get closer, do not let him

When you find a new love

Stay away from silence

He can destroy your relationship

He is selfish and self-centered

He hates love

When you find a true and a loving friend

Never allow silence to be a third party

He can easily break your friendship

His mind is full of darkness

Be careful with him

When you have a new home

Do not let silence come in

He is a home breaker

Silence is no respecter of anyone

He is too quiet and dull so, he feels you should also do same

When you are having a family reunion

Do not allow him to participate

He has wonderful ideas

But he will not share with anyone

His mind is full of insecurity

Do not judge him

In his mind, he is conscious of what he’s doing

Do not interfere with him

And he will also not come to you

He enjoys his loneliness

About Author
Ayivi Williams is a business student in the School of Management and Economics at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. He recently fell in love with reading and realized that the best treasures of life are written in books.

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