When My Daughter Turns Five

Featured Poem written by Joan Toluwani Amos ©

When my first daughter turns five

‘Princess!’ I’ll call her

Come, Stand in front of the mirror

Tell me what do you see?

“Mummy I see my little cute self”

Yes dear, but there is a picture I want you to see

You are a Princess from the first order of the blacks

You wear a crown only you can see

You are beautiful

You cry melanin

Don’t you ever feel inferior

Be bold, stand strong and rise

As you recite your rhymes, don’t forget to recite your dreams

Soar on their wings, for the stronger you cling

The higher you’ll fly

Always learn to say sorry when you realize you are in the wrong

But never, ever say sorry when you know you are walking in the right path

And yes, the world might mark you wrong

But you must discard the marks, like we do the trash and mark yourself right.

My dear, once upon a time

There lived a man that said

“If you want to hide something from a black man, put it in a book”

(Laughs), but not you my Queen

You must learn to read

As you grow, go past your storybooks, and notes

To literatures of different aspects of learning

Chase after knowledge

Be best friends with her, for she adds more sparkle to your beauty.

About Author

Picture of Joan

 Amos Toluwani Joan simply called Joan is a Nigerian who loves to relate with her world using her voice and her pen. She loves Jesus, Poetry, and singing. She is also on track to become a Biomedical Engineer.

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