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Sandy Artwork #3

Melancholic by Sandra C. Obiora

“Do you feel a bit down and as though all hope is lost? When you feel that tomorrow is bleak, and you can’t move on, just remember that all things will always somehow work together for your good. Always.”

~ Sandra C. Obiora 

Have a lovely day! 🙂



bnw boy

“The world is balanced. All things have an Order.

Another may naturally have five of the things you wish you also had. Wealth, status, beauty, friends, intelligence…

However, you may hold a thousand other things and potentials that they pray dearly for.

To each his own, and his own is enough for him to fulfill destiny.

Never get caught in the web of petty comparisons.

All you need in life has already been deposited within you.”

~ by Sandra C. Obiora

Question for today: Do you compare yourself with others? why or why not? ~ You are welcome to share your ideas with me 🙂