Sweet Africa

Poem Written by Krystal Orellano Weldon ‘Gypsy’ © 2019

We all come from the desert root of the African tree.

Generations embarked away from the motherland for other sights to see.

Some crafted other empires and some found slavery and disease.

All I know Africa is no matter how light my roots have become over time,

You’ll always be a part of me.

Some may have forgotten that this is where the biblical and mythological started,

but somehow your roots we all will always be a part of.

Do you remember the words that you said as you held my hand?

“No matter how hard you struggle child be proud that I’m in your veins.

For that is where I’ll always remain.”

And Africa these are the veins you’re still a part of.

The ingredients that recreate history.

Your continental curves define the world’s biggest mysteries.

I’m proud to be a root and your sister tree.

The Odysseys your life breeds epically.

The waves of oceans come to me in dreams endlessly.

Sweet Africa, I hear your name calling to me.

From the time of Gilgamesh, to Egyptian pyramids and pharaohs, to the people of Noah, the surviving slave trade and modern day,

You still find strength along the way.

Sweet Africa.

Picture of Krystal Gypsy

A Tampa, Florida native, Krystal “Gypsy” Orellano Weldon is a spoken word poet, writer, and educator. Krystal is slowly transpiring as a creative nonfiction writer, being published in St. Petersburg College’s newspaper The Sandbox, Saint Leo University’s book the Sandhill Review. She is also the author of the book ‘The Evolution of Poetry’.


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