The Unpredictable Designer

Featured poem by Bonsu-Adjei Arthur © All rights reserved

He cuddles a baby to sleep

Yet researched in the Books of the Pharisees

He draws the algorithm of creation, yet his algorithm seems inverted

For geometry is authored by his hands, pinpointing him at the center

Scientist keep fighting this out 

Yet He pretends as if He was never called

They plead for His answers

Yet He has laid out questions to discover

See all the debaters argue Him out

They demand his immediate response

Yet, He has made himself known to babes

Ignoring the philosophies of Socrates

The Grand Hall reverence His designs

Yet He seems unimpressed with its wonder

Surprising commoner’s banquets with His presence

As if he has never spiraled creation with his hands

Found by a people that have not searched for Him

While many crave His attendance

~ Poem by Bonsu-Adjei Arthur ©

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