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Language Lover

Featured Piece written by Meg Paulsen ©

I know only how to touch
without hands,
and therein lies the catch:
I’m holding a face I cannot speak to,
tracing a tongue that cannot receive
the gold I grow on my lips
nor taste you in the names I give it. Continue reading Language Lover


In Twenty Days


“In twenty days, the crowded Earth became as empty as Mars.

In this time, the moon became blood, and the sand became red. 

For the one I knew so well,  became the one I know no more. 

The thoughts I used to daily think, are now the thoughts I think no more.

The feelings I used to dwell on, are now the things I feel no more.

The plans we then did make, are plans I have no more.

For in just twenty days, the population of earth was traded for the wild storms of Mars.

The false comfort of ‘friendship’ turned into the 

Magnificent brilliance and hum of a truly silent planet.”

~By Sandra C. Obiora (Written 23.10.17)