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Featured Poem written by Bonsu Adjei-Arthur

‘Sometimes, our best work is done in secret’ they say

But we all crave the day the public gets a hint of ‘our base’

Several stories get lost in the universe like those star gazes

Any reason why heaven does not record the crowd but the secret places? Continue reading Mainstream


A Thousand MegaPixels

The following is a featured piece written by Bonsu Adjei-Arthur © All rights reserved

Arthur’s Introduction to this piece

I have looked at how my world has changed so much and how creative we have become and the extent of magic we can pull up with our creativity from our devices and everything. However, I also felt the need to talk about the downside of all these great things and how people don’t fit. I played the part of the architect generation and how I am happy to see the delusion, the reality and all the glamour of everything and how it seems to all play into my grand plan. As such, I titled it. A THOUSAND MEGAPIXELS. Enjoy. Continue reading A Thousand MegaPixels