Human Thou Art Immortal

By Sandra C. Obiora. Written 7th February 2022

‘Let Us make man in Our image,

After Our likeness’ 

was on one newly created day uttered

By the One who existed before time began. 

Sleeping, unconscious, formless spirit I once was

Floating about unknowing but known by the One.

Then suddenly, just like Lazarus, I was called down.

Down. Down further. Into being. 

Soon, I was conscious. All I saw was red. 

The walls of the uterus. 

Strange sounds. Voices, music, heartbeat, blood flow, life.

The sounds of Mother. Of Father. The sounds of Mother and Earth.

With another call, I somehow knew that it was time.

Time to be made known to this place called earth.

Birthing moans I heard from mother. 

Words of hopefulness I heard from father. 

Scary, cold, loud, dry, strange, awake And Conscious. 

Now it begins. Now I must learn. Now I must grow. Now I must know.

For I have been called to consciousness, to pass this trial of existence.

To meet with my lover and Maker again on the other side of eternity. 

~ By Sandra C. Obiora

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