Balloon Called Pleasure

An Apoetsbrain Original. All rights reserved © Written 15th December 2021

It’s shine cannot be ignored. 

Big and bright. Laced in gold. 

Begging to be held and owned. 

Sparkling, distracting, exciting.

Thus you reach out in a heartbeat. 

You stretch forth to grasp it. 

Its surface is smooth to the touch

Almost too smooth. 

Its weight is non-existent. 

Confused you lift it up to the sun. 

Here you get a glimpse of emptiness. 

The emptiness that can’t be hidden in all this glamour. 

Thus you hope that this little piece of happiness will not burst. 

You pray that the bubble will not burst. 

Yet you know. You know that you know deep within

That your time has been wasted. 

For the pleasure, you sought to grasp and own

Is meaningless. It was a promise that could never be fulfilled. 

As you close your eyes, you hear that loud sound you were expecting. 

It is the sound of your expectations disappearing. 

Vanity upon vanity says the preacher.

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