The Burden of Will

An Apoetsbrain Original. All rights reserved © Written 5th January 2022

I am doing what we humans do. Just like birds perch, I am 

Standing quietly on the front porch. 

Overseeing the activities of fellow human beings. 

The man drawing on a  smoke seated beneath a weeping tree. 

The man walking his dog in his winter pajamas. 

His dog’s tail wagging aggressively. 

The street vendor playing his sales recording ceaselessly. 

The ethnic man taking a pandering walk around the neighbourhood. 

The youths moving around with the apparent burden of adulthood. 

Thus, I remember the lioness. Doing what lions are designed to do. 

Going days without food, Preying and springing up on the weak and helpless

feeding and keeping her young. 

I think of the sheep and the chickens. 

Existing. Just doing what chickens and sheep do. Living to die as food. Helpless at the very bottom of the food chain. 

I think of the ants, the mosquitoes, and the bees. Just there doing what ants, mosquitoes, and bees do. Existing for a moment in time. With so much vigour that we can never miss the fact that they lived. Tirelessly doing their God designed thing.

I think of the plants. Some food, some poison, some medicine. Just existing in all their plant glory. The flowers, the trees. All existing and doing their thing. 

Not once did these ones fall into depression. 

For upon them is not the burden of free will. 

Not once did they consider being different from that which they were made to do. 

Like robots in the Maker’s design. They fulfill purpose. 

Yet upon man is the weight of freewill. 

We alone have been made after God. 

Upon us lays the weight of knowing. 

Would we be better off not having known ? 

Is understanding no matter how little, the source of our problems ? 

Indeed. Eve and Adam did eat from the fruit we were never to touch. 

Now, here we all are. Existing and aware of existence. Oh! What a beautiful burden! 

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