The Face of God

An Apoetsbrain Original. All rights reserved © Written 21st August 2021

We all are the very face of God.

The haughtiness in this one

The timidity in that one

The dismissiveness in this one

And the ephemeral nature of the other

These are but the face of God.

The bright blue summer sky,

The grey and bleak winter days

The countless Suns we call stars

The breathless wonder of Venus, Saturn, Mars

The alignment of universes

All these are but the face of God. 

The wildness of the liger,

The silence of the lambs, 

The trooping of the ants, 

The buzzing of the bees, 

The run of the cheetah 

And regal strut of the panther

Many have pondered on the face of God. 

Yet, his face is all around for all to behold. 

His presence evident in all things. 

For as you rise in the morning 

And take a lazy look at your appearance in the mirror, 

Reflected back at you is but the face of God. 

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