Featured Poem written by Bonsu Adjei-Arthur

‘Sometimes, our best work is done in secret’ they say

But we all crave the day the public gets a hint of ‘our base’

Several stories get lost in the universe like those star gazes

Any reason why heaven does not record the crowd but the secret places?

“The Mainstream is the last to know every bit of information

The details of our lives are never fully known. It’s bibliography never fully written.

You could reach the stars until your reach for that dream

Like how Bitcoin was real before it hit Mainstream

Like the sea is filled with endless undiscovered fishes

There are several details this noisy world often misses

Cos mainstream tells a story each of us have never known

Just like how we all wanna go to heaven cos we could walk on gold

Like how you made your date so glorious even though you were so broke

Like how you hate your job, but your LinkedIn bio looks so dope

Like how your trip to China gave you that “Wonderland” feel

Wondering how a place with no Google can provide you that “other planetary” feel

Like the large number of pics you took with your phone and have never sent

And these are things we will never know since you forgot to share them with  friends

Like how everyone thinks the Bahamas and Maldives is the best place to spend

But you sure know some cool spots in your area that could pull up a defence.

Yeah, that spicy cuisine spot that makes Sichuan ruffle in debates

Or how Seattle and Manhattan have their African version in my state

Like the Saturday eve soccer that has no rich teams

But you know even Old Trafford, must come watch you play in your Theater of Dreams

The songs and beats you have made that have never won the Grammys

The books with your poem in that were only heard of by Mummy

The real stories on the timeline that has never made the news

And your self-made special local recipe you wish every world-class chef knew

Like how your pal escaped robbers breathing down his neck

With only his Pastor to even notice and give testimony in Church

Like how your authentic quality new video could not make 1000 likes

Because those silly influencers keep pulling up that rumbling hype

Like your favorite upcoming singer you think we must all check out

Instead of those 5 famous people your friends have read about

Like that simple collection you have kept in your little room

Or that global debate that was logged in by your two friends on Zoom

Such things you realized don’t make the news

Because the filtered side of things is the truth we always knew

Mainstream is what the fans and the crowd love

But there are talents and treasures underneath hard gloves

Mainstream makes you think we dwell in a ‘polarized effect’

No wonder BBC even makes OzzyMan get some serious respect.

Mainstream has been the death of its many chasers

Yeah, of cos it is so cool but it brings in more of your haters

But like Jesus, sometimes it takes some time before you become a hero

Sometimes you could be unappreciated, and misrepresented by your people

But you are not ‘unspecial’ just because many have not met your dream

So, don’t despise your treasures, just because it has not reached the deaf ears of the MAINSTREAM

About Author


 Bonsu Adjei-Arthur is a Ghanaian. He loves to explore and describe his world with words. He is a Ph.D candidate in Software Engineering.

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One thought on “Mainstream”

  1. Woo! Wonderful poem. Kudos to you Peeman. You’re indeed endowed with gifts and talents, a young man with letters, keep it up, the sky is your limit.


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