The Crazy One Within

There is something shocking about how far this other self of mine can go.

This retarded other entity of mine has no inhibitions or limits whatsoever,

But I do, I have to posses some. The lines are clear everywhere I look.

Yet, here I am, crazy within.

This inner self of mine can toe whichever line she feels like.

Truth is she cannot even see those lines. She is proud and overconfident.

She can say whatever she pleases, go wherever and think whatever she pleases.

Judge and mock whomever she wants to, whenever she wishes to.

The only audience to her one woman party is me.

Standing in the dark as she takes up the stage, screaming loud enough for noise

To spill out through my ears, staring hard enough to make me feel sick in my stomach,

And thinking nasty things that make me cringe as an afterthought.

Yet somehow I find my voice, and strength in my legs, and courage in my stance.

I force myself to not become her, to not forget where those important lines lay.

I push myself till I step on to the stage, standing face to face with her, challenging her.

With my palms out, I push the embodiment of craze and insanity off my stage, and take control of my mind.

~ By Sandra C. Obiora

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