Poem by Joe Onginjo ©

I refuse to be the labels you give me.

Black doesn’t mean I can disappear into the darkness of the night and if I smile you will be able to see me. 

White doesn’t mean pure, intelligent or royal and the automatic privilages that come with the colour.

Blue doesn’t mean just the colour for boys or anyone else’s favourite colour.  It is however the colour of the skies and the water where in between, all life forms exit to co-exist. 

Yellow isn’t only the colour for the royals in China but it is also the colour of jaundice when your eyes turn when your kidneys stop functioning properly.

Red doesn’t only mean blood but the price of democracy and freedom. Therefore, good luck. 

Colours when unitary are just labels, but without being mixed in paintings we wouldn’t know any Da Vincis, Picassos or Angelos. 

So, go out there…Carpe Diem!

Refuse to accept the labels and create your paintings because isn’t that what life is all about?

Photo of Joe Onginjo
Joe Onginjo. Joe is a fun, spirited and strong willed soul from Kenya. He recently rekindled his passion for photography as a way of making new friends and capturing the intricate details of day to day life. He is currently in China doing his PhD research in Management Science.

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