Decades Come and Go

An Apoetsbrain Original © Written 31st December 2019

As I look out my window at bleak skies,

As I feel my way through the winter chill

As I think of glories past

As I dwell on things to come.

As I wonder at the stars in the night sky,

As I dream again of visions seen.

As I look to understand my past failures,

As I wish to comprehend my life.

As I push to always be remembered,

As I pull back in order to be forgotten.

As I ponder through the decades,

As I stand in awe of all the testimonies.

As I pray to attain wisdom,

As I pray to gain more knowledge

As I pray to attain all of life’s greatest treasures

As I pray to receive an eternity of peace at deaths door.

As I recall the victories of the past two point five decades of life,

And as I begin to realize the divinely designed path ahead of me,

I am overwhelmed. Flabbergasted, Astonished, dazed and amazed.

I am speechless at God’s goodness, mercies, favour, and omnipotence.

For Decades they come and they go, 

But God’s love remains new every morning.

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