I See Potential

Featured Poem by Olusola Bamisile (BB). All rights reserved ©

As I journey from one city to another in Nigeria,

And recount all the experiences embedded in every moment

I could have decided to enunciate about the lows,

Or perhaps even join the existing headlines and speak of the anomalies.

But I choose to see the potential in this nation.

The sincere hustle of industrious entrepreneurs.

The faith of the religious who earnestly pray day and night for change.

The hope in children and youths who long daily for a brighter tomorrow.

Although there is a continuous exodus of talents from this nation,

The genesis of the future is here and a lasting Change has already kicked off.

I join my faith with the religious.

I join my hope with that of the children and the emboldened youths.

And I see this decade as one that is strategic for this country.

The wind of change is blowing gradually.

The showers of a new dawn has started with a microscopic droplet.

Lift your head dear Nigeria because your appointed time is here.

As for me and my household, we belong to the caucus  that see the greatness in Nigeria.

About Author

Dr. BB is an Energy Engineer, a Researcher, a Multi-instrumentalist, Vocalist, and Audio Technician among other things. His aim is to empower the youth, especially men, to see and approach things differently. Above all, he is a lover of God.

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