I Just See Another Human

An Apoetsbrain Original © All rights reserved.

I know you have trillions in your bank account.

I know you have been born into much wealth.

I know that as i look into your eyes and you look into mine, you may feel a difference. A difference in status, attributes, calling, culture… What have you.

But not me. No. I see no difference. You have trillions, she has billions, he has hundreds. All just numbers. I just see another human. Yes. You are just fundamentally as human as they come.

For when a pandemic strikes humanity, you die too.

When a bullet is shot at you, it sinks in.

When the wind blows funny, you catch a cold too.

When cancer searches for it’s victim, it sees no currency.

When a loved one is in pain, you hurt too.

When you are all alone with no one to love you for you, you feel it.

When the time comes for death,…you die too.

So Mr. Trillions, i don’t see your papers or status. I just see you. I see the wrinkles of confusion upon your forehead.

The pandemic ravaging your lost soul. A soul thirsty for salvation, for a Messiah.

Yes indeed, money may slow the rotting of flesh, but not the rotting of your soul. So Be very afraid when you gain this whole world, but lose your very soul.

An Apoetsbrain Original © All rights reserved.

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