Love Isn’t Perfect

Featured Poem by Olusola Bamisile (BB). All rights reserved ©

Guess you are waiting to read another sad story

Or the title aligns with your thought process

But permit me to contradict myself

Love is perfect and perfect love chases all fears

I met the love of my life after years of waiting

Chocolate, beautiful, intelligent, trustworthy,

Name it and you will find it in her

She has the perfect specs, like my default dream girl

Guess you are expecting the imperfections

As much as I would have love to point one or two out

Such memories have eluded me

Not cause she doesn’t have one

but I’ve come to realize that you need imperfection to be perfect.

The fun of a rollercoaster ride is embedded in the scary moments

Most of us have found love that isn’t perfect in the past

But we fail to realize that perfect love is embedded in the acceptance of imperfection

About Author

BB is an Energy Engineer, a Researcher, a Multi-instrumentalist, Vocalist, and Audio Technician among other things. His aim is to empower the youth, especially men, to see and approach things differently. Above all, he is a lover of God.





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