The Black Race

Poem by Sandra Chukwudumebi Obiora. Written 30/03/2020 © All rights reserved

I woke up feeling pained within me. Pained for the world we live in. Pained for her cries, but mostly pained for the black race.

I am pained for my black sisters and brothers. Pained for the little black child bullied at school by every other race because he/she is black.

Pained for the horrors done to the black man across this globe.

Pained for the unfortunate realities my beautiful black sisters have endured.

Pained for the old black man and woman laying in their dying beds, feeling regret not for what they did not do, but regret for all they could not do.

I just feel so pained. Pained that even in 2020 a black international man or woman adding value to economies must still suffer such injustice.

For each race on earth comes in different shapes and sizes. With different expressions and kinds. Yet, the black man and woman are not permitted to be different.

Friend. Look into yourself. Do you know that the world is now small? Friend. Do you know what injustice is?

Friend. Do you dislike the appearance of a black man? Does the feminity and divine curves of the black woman upset you? Does her hair with its curls and coils displease you? Do you wish that we were whiter? Do you wish that there were no black people? Friend. Are you a part of the problem? This pandemic of hate. Friend. Have you created a human before?

Did you know that man did not make himself? Did you know that you did not make yourself?

Yet, man has refused to realize that the sufferings of the black race only makes our skin thicker. Our visions wilder. Our thoughts go higher.

As for me, if God asked me what race i would rather be, i will return in this beautiful skin. With this incredible hair. With this personality of mine. I will return with my gorgeous siblings. I will return as a member of the black race. I will return to my kind hearted parents with tips and tricks.

I will come just as God originally designed me to be. Unafraid. Unashamed. I will come as a bright light of hope. Housed within this chocolate brown skin. A light unashamed to shine.

Poem by Sandra Chukwudumebi Obiora. Written 30/03/2020 © All rights reserved




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