Salt & Ashes

Featured Piece by Tribes of Asaph

I feared no end.

A joyful will, I penned it down.

Years went by, faces changed.

The Sun remained the same. 

Always shining with everlasting love

Always shining with everlasting love.

Little drops of salt water remains.

Cycling, circling.

Little drops of salt water remain.

Cycling, circling into dust. 

Bridges burned, letters turned.

They fade in deepest dreams.

Years went by, places changed.

The Sun remained the same. 

Little dancing fire storms, they sent me 

into the afterlife.

By Tribes of Asaph

About Writer

Asaph Lerburn is an international artist from Malaysia. He is a singer songwriter who plays acoustic and sings about getting back to nature, and about all things good and pleasant in life. Asaph is the founder of the amazing Alternative folk band: Tribes of Asaph.

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