A Thousand MegaPixels

The following is a featured piece written by Bonsu Adjei-Arthur © All rights reserved

Arthur’s Introduction to this piece

I have looked at how my world has changed so much and how creative we have become and the extent of magic we can pull up with our creativity from our devices and everything. However, I also felt the need to talk about the downside of all these great things and how people don’t fit. I played the part of the architect generation and how I am happy to see the delusion, the reality and all the glamour of everything and how it seems to all play into my grand plan. As such, I titled it. A THOUSAND MEGAPIXELS. Enjoy.

A Thousand MegaPixels

I believe that so many things have changed.
I believe many things have gone wrong in world of Tech nowadays.
But as a scientist, it is observable for us to note and make the necessary connections in what we aspire to vote. 
Welcome to the world of a THOUSAND MEGA PIXELS
Where everything is drawn from a transistor not a pencil.
I thought you were too bright to get this con trast
Because I could hue you up till you look saturated 
Quality 1080HD, User Interface Spectacular Maybe, GTE Force Ultra 3D, 12 MegaPixels for an iPhone baby.

Oh hurry!
I can filter out your life till you look like Katy Perry.
I know you are listening to me and I have you image processing.
This program takes time. It needs a bit of processing.
Because of the lie you buy at my Photo-shop
Because of my nicest tools, the filters and the Crops 
Because this is the time of the eyes not a place for the blind. 
Because we live by what we see not because we are wise. 
But you have me happy in the world that you create up. 
Because you know you ain’t picture perfect if you forgot your make up

But knowing I never watched your posted videos could make you sick 
But do you realize how many friendships we have ended from just a BlueTick
I could make you get a job by vlogging from San Francisco to China 
Or be a Blogger if that’s your desire.
I could give you an episode in Sillicon Valley and inspire you to your startups. 
I could make you addicted to movies with a cool Youkou setup.
Over here, the most important ain’t your King or Emperor, 
Because I could change your life with just the click of a camera.
Lime,Canberry, PureSpirit,Magenta, 
This pic goes BlackCoffee because it gives me the Nulstagia ..haha

Here a text message of Nihao is all it takes.
While meeting you and saying Hi could take me days, 
I could bring you the news at just your fingers tips
Or hey, you could make the news if that finger slips 
I could bring the world’s knowledge to you in just a flash 
Or I could make you help you feel edgy if you have a crush
I saw your cover. Girl that song was tight! 
But I know you wish he had liked it and commented ‘its nice’. 
I see you cry all night because you don’t match up.
But this is the new trend honey you better catch up.

You see we get sad because of what society thinks of us 
But sometimes we have to understand the extent of what He thinks of us.
The truth is giving your real self doesn’t take you from Society’s prison.
Like they say ‘God does not make you Christian’.
Because the pressure sinks so high it puts us into depression 
All because we spend our lives trying to make a good impression 
Scrap that! I am back to my case if you thought we were finished 
Because this is not the dragon fly but the era of the phoenix 
Because this is the era where you could store your books in the cloud and you won’t remember it can get wet when it rains all around 
But showing up something doesn’t make you fake.
Because if that girl ain’t got it well she ain’t my take.
Maybe my world sucks with the excitement that you bring up
I know this poem aint going viral if you don’t boost my rates up.

Just know you could come from anywhere in the world and still not care for days 
Because a Gps pass doesn’t take an immigration phase.
But we look like we are on a course when they look at us.
Sadly this road leads to nowhere and it is just the two of us.
Just in case you are looking for a place where we can fix you,
Then you are all welcome to my WORLD.


About the Writer Bonsu Adjei-Arthur 2

Bonsu Adjei-Arthur is currently studying at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China where he is pursuing a Masters degree in Computer Science and specialized in Information Security.
He has a passion for creativity and it manifests in his avid interest in all things creativity, be it Technology or Art.
He believes that one has to be an example for others to follow and the full totality of life is doing something great and breaking patterns believed to be the norm.

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