The Morphology of You

An Original Poem by Sandra Chukwudumebi Obiora Written 24th December 2011©

The distance between us

Only allows me to know you by memory.

Today, I closed my eyes, and I forgot what you look like.

I forgot what you sound like.

I lost touch of what your hands feel like.

How our conversations go.

Today, I closed my eyes and I forgot the colour of your eyes.

It even feels like we did not spend every other day with each other.

‘People change’ I hear. Do not get me wrong.

I understand that people change.

Our thought processes gradually morph into what we are to become.

And I fear that as distance increases, it will become a full metamorphosis.

Yet, I refuse to agree that ‘you’ will also change.

I refuse to be still, helpless listening as your voice changes in my ear,

Watching as age and distance comes between what we once had.

But I was so surprised to hear you say to me ‘Tis not I but you who has changed Sandy dear. Tis not I but thee’

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