I Dream of a Maze

Poem Written by Krystal Orellano Weldon © 2020

I Dream of a Maze

I dream of a maze;

My world appears to be a mystery.

A few lifetimes ago,

I felt the silk of a queen as men bowed to my feet.

I owned a big fleet.

They say African hair upon my head is the only way

they can tell my Latin blood is legit.

In my dream, a maze I appear lost in,

There seems to be no judgement.

It is just you and I young brother, working together as one

Colorless unit and we are empowered.

There is no little Ms. In between,

But my mind is the only thing seen.

I guess this is only in my dreams.

Generations come, and generations go,

but I am living the same cruel joke.

What defines enemy lines?

I refuse to be stuck in a stereotype of my skin.

What does this accomplish?

You’ll be surprised at this girl I am today.

She is grown now, but she still has dreams of a maze.

A place where she can be lost for a few moments of life.

Where she is a queen and not reminded that she is considered bizarre.

I love being unique, but sometimes I just want to be me.

Not society’s version of what they think I should be.

A queen on a boat floating down the Nile streams

or maybe across the Atlantic.

In this maze, I don’t fear war or hide behind walls.

I’m lost in the colorless eyes of God, without humanities

misunderstood agenda.


A Tampa, Florida native, Krystal “Gypsy” Orellano Weldon is a spoken word poet, writer, and educator. Krystal is slowly transpiring as a creative nonfiction writer, being published in St. Petersburg College’s newspaper The Sandbox, Saint Leo University’s book the Sandhill Review. She is also the author of the book ‘The Evolution of Poetry’, and now working on publishing her second book.



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