The following is a featured piece written by Bonsu Adjei-Arthur © All rights reserved

I sat down under the tree of life, Down by the river of strife

Looking down at the caves that went through the mountains from which questions arose

Perhaps my questions were questions but as a Poet I could question my doubts

Like Newton, I knew a new thing was about to drop.

A boy in the 21st Century, a boy born in this century

With history calling out from its prejudice

Perhaps I was a new invention,

Maybe I was the folktale tale of what they had prayed about

This algorithm seemed too weird

A world that called villains heroes

A world that glorified Nero

A  world that told us hatred was a mask we could wear, a sheet of protection

As each man became ethnocentric.

That it  could take an alien to teach us

An alien or a teacher, an alien or a treater

Sad I was not a member, but I hated the patterns

This was the fate of many, this was the pain of many,

They were called losers without a chance, like drum-beats play without a dance

But there was a new hope, like the Father would hope

Sent as lights we stayed united, it was MAN United

We are what they suspected from far, we are the view they saw from far,

The charge they heard from afar

Not to be patterns but to alter, not to sink or falter.

From this common ground, our enmity begins

Because we can’t avoid the question we’ve found within

We speak of the Good news that is risen

We heal where the venom snake has bitten

We bring a new regime, a new view,

We are the folks who do not understand, for a broken world is what we are born with.

We are the folks from a new world.

From the cry of despair we hear your call.

As the earthquakes we fear the fall

Because we have not believed the lies that they told us

Because our minds are too sharpened to comprehend,

With a Napoleon truth we are born apart.

Attention Low to deafness, in the subways we bring life to where death ends

It is true we are a different breed, a SWAT team waiting to show what’s POSSIBLE

For the sad truth is that we cant  believe the things you said were true,

The sad truth is we can’t keep employing your rules

The sad truth is that we are different from YOU.

The sad truth is we stand far far beyond Comprehension of You.

Bonsu Adjei-Arthur 2About Author 

Bonsu Adjei-Arthur is currently studying at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China where he is pursuing a Masters degree in Computer Science and specialized in Information Security.
He has a passion for creativity and it manifests in his avid interest in all things creativity, be it Technology or Art.
He believes that one has to be an example for others to follow and the full totality of life is doing something great and breaking patterns believed to be the norm.

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