We Now Know It All

An Apoetsbrain Original © 2012

When it comes to love, there is nothing new or surprising anymore.

We now know it all.

In short, we know too much to expect too much.

Gone are the days when we knew not what to anticipate.

Those times when everything the other did was mesmerizing.

When neither one of you figured out how to properly approach the other.

When all you thought about in your little head, was the others face.

When nothing else truly existed but him.

Gone are those days when reality was awfully interesting.

That time when sitting many meters from one another was enough.

Those moments we blush foolishly at our own minuscule perverted thoughts.

When love sparked a conversation we could go on endlessly about.

Now, we know just too much. We know what to expect from the other.

We have played everything out in our heads before it begins.

We have inserted what to say, where to say it.

There is nothing surprising about love anymore. It is now a terrible inanity.

An Apoetsbrain Original 2012


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