Featured Poem written by Joan Toluwani Amos ©

To the one with whom I share so many things in common

From my height, my nails, my sizes- down to shoe size

To you, I sing these lines.

From the very beginning, before my very beginning

The Lord’s offer you accepted

To house my great destiny in you

That part of you, so delicate, yet precious

Where we shared one heart, ate one meal for nine months

Nurturing me you did

From the days I crawled to the days I walked

Still walking and now you tell me I can fly

Constantly your soothing words aid in adjusting my wings to soar high above reproach

To soar high above failure

“As far as your eyes can see, T you can possess it”

These words re-echo daily through my ear drums

Its sound waves descend deep down into the chambers of my heart

Causing it to beat stronger with so much reserve of joy and fresh strength

Today, I write to you, to express just one line of excitement

“Mama, Look, I’m Flying!”


About Author

Picture of Joan

 Amos Toluwani Joan simply called Joan is a Nigerian who loves to relate with her world using her voice and her pen. She loves Jesus, Poetry, and singing. She is also on track to become a Biomedical Engineer.




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35 thoughts on “Fly”

  1. Before i was not really a fan of poetry but when i came in contact with you and your team i found myself having something for poetry and spoken words.
    This also as the rest is an amazing piece,Good bless you dear.
    And to the mums we love you dearly we may not always say it but mum you have a special place in my heart.


  2. Sis Teeeeee💕💕💕💕💕
    ~You accepted to house my great destiny in you ~
    I looooovee love this poem…..b
    Great work and greater heights, your season of elevation is here and so many great things are happening to and for you…amen


  3. I did not want to reply in a hurry because I wanted to read everything word for word.
    This is extremely an amazing piece and I can’t stop sharing it… i am proud of u❤️


  4. OMG!!! I’m shedding tears of joy… Seeing this piece. I knew you could fly back then, when I was privileged to be your teacher. Tolu, keep soaring God has got your back dear… Looking forward to your next piece.

    Liked by 1 person

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