Neither This, Nor That

Written by Alex Cue 2019. All Rights Reserved ©

On the tip of the tongue the ineffable song

From the silence of

Nine billion names that don’t describe it:

“Not this, not this.”

A single syllable like four-letter words

Reduce it to an inscribable code,

The labels: Sky Father, Earth Mother,

“That thou art.”

In entheogenic throes of sensory overloads

The drop ripples into the ocean

As revelations echo inclusive affirmations:

“You are that.”

Stripped of perception’s greatest deception

Naked awareness reaches out

To identify with the impersonal:

“Thou art that.”

“Not quite, not quite,” say learned robes, often white.

Ho, here is Space! Ho, there is Time!

Their knowledge widens the gap.

“Not this, not that.”

Dilute the void that cannot be destroyed,

Call it eternal, call it infinite,

Fill it with everything, fill it with nothing.

“It’s neither here nor there.”

“Neither this nor that.”

About Author 

Picture of Alex Cue
Alex Cué was born in Mexico to parents of mixed Spanish/Mexican descent. He spent his childhood in the Philippines, his college years in the US, and now, his life’s journey has brought him to China.
His dream is to publish the Sci-fi/fantasy book he is currently working on, as well as to be able to teach creative writing or work for a magazine that will allow him to dedicate himself to his passion.


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