The World With No Sound

By Sandra C. Obiora ©. Written 6.3.13

Imagine with me for a second a world without sound.

The ocean without the lapping and flapping of the waves,

The birds without the singing that they do.

The world without a sound for a day, a year, a while. Would you miss it?

black and white blur boy child
Photo by Pok Rie

That shifting sound we absently hear when we struggle out of bed in the morning.

That ‘shhhhh’ sound that follows as we step into the shower.

That squeaky sound you get when you turn off the shower.

That displeasing wintry ‘woosh’ that follows the moment you let the bathroom steam out.

The ruffling of your towel atop your head in your ears as you dry your hair.

The loud obnoxious ‘boooo’ of your hair dryer as you dry out your roots.

The random ‘tick’ of your iron as you increase the temperature to iron out your top.

The ‘shwish-shwish’ in your ears as you pull on your sweater. The ‘click’ of the door as you leave.

alley architecture black and white brightness

Imagine the world produced no sound for a while. We opened our mouths but nothing came out.

Imagine you put fingers to the piano but nothing is heard.

Imagine the sounds our friends, teachers, pets, garden, feet make all went unheard.

If you have imagined it with me, I can now relay my thoughts to you.

To put it simply, I am happy that I can hear all these things. I count it not a privilege, but a blessing.

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