Friendless in Her Underwear

An Apoetsbrain Original ©

It used to be that she had too many friends. Now it seems like she has no one to call her own.

It used to be that she was celebrated for her many gifts.

Now she celebrates her accomplishments by herself in her room.

Whilst in her underwear dancing wildly to ‘Manolo’ in gratitude to the Lord.

It used to be that she was always on their minds. Now she is barely around their person to be found.

In those days her smile was all that brought them joy.

Today, the denial of her lips to theirs has brought forth tense disdain.

Thus, you can find her by herself in her underwear, writing poetry and sipping on ice tea.

It used to be that they were all she could think of. Their smiles, their touch, their looks, their thoughts.

Now her plans for greatness, for her future, for her children unborn is her daily bread.

For she wakes early to chew on it, and goes to bed full of it.

So, in her underwear and her fluffy winter room boots you find her seated with her computer.

Food eaten, Face washed, teeth brushed, hair cleaned, lip balm smeared.

Prayers made, Bible read, exercise completed.

Parents called, sisters kissed, music loud, papers published, ‘friends’ loved, and lover called.

Thus, you can find her breathing, smiling, singing, writing, optimistic, joyful by herself in her underwear.

An Apoetsbrain Original ©



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