To Squash A Star

An Apoetsbrain original ©

Tonight I looked up at a star as it sparkled so brightly.

I lifted up my hands in the freezing night and placed the twinkle Little Star between my thumb and index finger all set to squash it.

I embraced the thought of the sparkle dying out from the force of my humane strength, as the black ashes would then pour out the sides of my fingers.

But as far as I could stretch, I could not reach that star.

That star was evasive you see.

So I decided to take a longer and harder look at it.

For it seems that that little sparkly Jewel in the sky is more than it reveals itself to be. It seems that the little fella is not at all as insignificant as it appears before my eyes.

And so I start to research and learn.

With a telescope and a friend, I zoomed in. The more I zoomed, the bigger it got.

Yet I could only zoom so much. For soon I could only see so much.

Thus I decided to read. I read about this star. I learnt some shocking things.

This star is big, this star is large. It is toxic and to be honest, quite scary.

I learn that this little guy is bigger than that which we call sun. And soon my wish to squash a star begins to die.

For in my pursuit to squash the unsquashable, I failed to notice something bigger.

It was not the star that was insignificant but I who tetters on the edge of significance.

For I looked down to notice that wherever I may go, and whenever I may go, the star will remain.

I came back to earth to realize that I could not squash the star but the star could squash me.

The same way an ant will vanish under the wheels of a truck.

Soon this realization leaves me stunned. It keeps me alarmed. What am I here for? Why is there a star and a human all at once?

The answer was in the corner of my heart all along.

God made us all. He knows the stars by name, and though I be so small, He called me by my name, and called me into being in the secret place of silence and peace.

He called me into wonder, into thought, into will, into love, into awe.

~ An Apoetsbrain original ©

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