The God Void

An Apoetsbrain Original ©

There is a gaping hole of emptiness at the center of your being.

It starts from your shoulders and consumes your entire chest.

There is a wide hole in your spirit. One that threatens to split you in perfect halves.

I know that in the secret places of your heart you are all alone.

Seeking for something or anything to fill that hole.

I know that your are looking for meaning in life.

Searching for your purpose.

Wondering why it is you breathe, why it is you exist, why all you think of is death,

Why enjoyments at their greatest heights are no longer as sweet as they used to be.

Wondering in fear when darkness falls if tonight is the night you will sleep your last.

There is a big wide hole at the center of your being.

One whose darkness has painted your heart black.

Black enough to turn your blood and your thoughts to ink.

You wonder why your life lacks true joy.

You know that you are empty.

You try to toss things into that gaping hole of emptiness and insecurities.

You throw in your career, your family, your spouse, your children.

You throw in your friends, your travels, your education.

You add in your skills, your experiences, your network, and your prowess.

You throw in some science, some art, and some culture.

You look in and notice that the hole in your being remains as empty and as wide as it has been.

So you ache for fullness.

You lay awake, and you ache.

Humanity groans and aches.

You throw in the cars, the make up, the wealth, the sports.

You add some reasoning and delve deeply into earthly wisdom.

Still the hole remains. For that hole is one that must be filled.

The truth is simple. You have a God void. One that continues to expand the more you deny.

Let me expose you to the truth my friend.

It’s a truth your soul knows of but your mind refuses to submit to.

You may choose to write this off as theistic jargon or as the imposing thoughts of a crazed Christian.

Yet this letter is to your spirit and addressed to your soul.

It is not for your mind to rationalize.

The truth is as basic as ABC and as sure as night is from day.

You have a Messiah.

God is real and loving, a true comforter for every weary soul.

Your soul requires true fellowship with Him

Just as a baby seeks out it’s parents, so does your soul seek after it’s one and only Messiah.

Late night thoughts and Revelations for Apoetsbrain

1.36am 19 Feb 2019


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