Birthing Emeralds

An original Piece by Apoetsbrain ©

One great man was mocked because of his lifelong efforts to bring about peace in his community.

This man worked, strived, suffered and later died for peace.

He will be seen as a peace maker, the reconciler, the forgiver of many many wrongs.

He welcomed generosity, and begged that each man care for his neighbor.

He was often heard saying ‘peace is possible’, ‘we must never give up, peace can be attained!’.

He beckoned on his wife, his children, his neighbors, his colleagues, his subordinates,

He begged society, and his nation in every way he knew how.

For peace he toiled, and for his soil he arose each morning.

Yet, his toil brought on more foil.

For it appears that the heart of man is deceitful.

It only thinks to cause harm and discord.

Yet this man did not give up in laboring.

For after his death, peace reigned, and reign it did for just one sad week, and then the wars resumed.

Yet I tell you, do not lose hope dear friend in your notions and motions of peace.

For even if your battle against war lasts a lifetime,

Even if the peace that proceeds lasts for just a few short hours, do not be dismayed.

For those few hours of peace you birthed is like birthing gold or silver.

It is like bringing out of one’s soul pure emeralds.

For even producing a minute of peace in this world hungry for blood, is no small feat but an act of God.”


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