A New Calling

Written and composed by: Destina Godwin Ekekeh ©

On a fizzy cold day, while taking my conventional morning ride,

Cycling down the usual path at a speed faster than the speed of light,

The seemingly unending lane with trees and leaves cascading through,

With the constant quiet and lonely pace,

Left with my wildest imagination,

Of someday belonging to the outgoing,

Forsaking my desolate and timid self.

Not in less supply of my usual fear,

Not of my brolly mystical falling, off my bicycle carrier,

Swinging around like the wind from the North,

But of my nervousness with interacting with others,

Oh! my Achilles’ heel, that which I fear even more than the plague,

No cups of water can extinguish the fire I feel,

A moment I awoke to a new calling.

Alas, today I feel a different me,

I was sat in a room, very cushy,

Mesmerized, releasing a ponderous breath,

Speeding down the lane with power unknown,

And my fears are things of the past,

With great fragrance comparable only to that of the heavens,

Exuding my body like the great fire of Oden,

I couldn’t be more than a bemused Don Quixote.

And like a dream, like a trip in the air,

Behold, my beloveth arrives,

Shining brighter than the brightest star,

More beautiful than the most beautiful flower,

En-charmed by words of my heart,

Piercing her heart to come closer,

Oh dream, shall you not end?

For I might die awakening from this aura,

Ten thousand years of this dream I desire,

Than a day awoken to reality.

Hence to this day I shall keep dreaming,

And maybe my dream becomes a reality,

Coming true with my wittiness alongside,

Struck by an iron grip of desire,

And fear, would become a thing of the past,

Then may I feel like the trees are waving me a hello,

And the waves sending me sweet greetings to my soul.


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