Heavy Joy

Written 8.27.2017

Enjoyment they say is sometimes tinged with great heaviness.  

For as you take in the scent of the flowers, you take in the scent of a premonition.

As you walk through the quiet and serene land of Nicosia,

Your mind is burdened by the future and what it holds.

As you drive through Kyrenia, and look out the open roof to the dazzling sky.

As you breathe in the fresh air at Tatilisu, and take in the site of Barnabas’ tomb.

As you admire the Greek text, and understand the history of political disputes.

As you walk the thing line between Greece and Turkey, and taste that shaky freedom.

As you stare at the Hebrew banners on the streets of Jerusalem

The smiles, the crosses and the rosaries on the Via dolarosa,

As you pass through the little Christian city plastered with more crosses, Arabic, and Pilgrims.

As you trek through the sweltering deserts of Jericho. Or the mountainous terrain of Nazareth.

Soon you are on your way to Ankara, and you seat in Istanbul and chat with Eldad.

Soon you are off to Kizilay to meet with brethren, and savor some Kumpir.

Soon you are off to Chengdu to witness a new sight, savor the feeling of warmth, freedom, and growth.

Soon you are at the end of yet another phase with that same heaviness tinged with pure joy.


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