Featured piece by Oluwatobiloba Agboola ©

One day, you’ll get a drink and dive

into its contents by twisting and turning

that which very much makes it protected.

A sip, then a gulp and you’re done with it.

Another day, you’ll get your new phone

delivered to the steps of your residence,

you’ll admire the pack then break the seal.

A peep, then a test and it becomes operational.

Tomorrow, you might get to eat “Noreos”

even at the comfort of your room’s embrace,

you’ll tear the wrap and bring out a pair.

A bite, then another and all you have left is water to drink.

But that day, when you meet her in love,

with your heart ready to tie knots

and as she’s led to the altar,

I hope you meet her Unbroken.


About Author:

Oluwatobiloba Agboola is a creative writer and literary tutor.

Currently in his final year studying Agricultural and Bio-Resources Engineering.

He believes he’s the best in acting like himself.


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