~ Life in Kolor~ With Kwame

Hi there! ~ So today, I will love to welcome you all to the first photography feature on my site! I got a hold of an awesome photographer by the full name Kevin Twum Aboagye Okai ( I know, it is an African thing lol). Before you browse through his photos here is a bit from the man himself.

“I am Kevin Okai, A Guangzhou based Ghanaian photographer who is self taught and has a passion for capturing moments and memories as they come by. I have always had great interest in capturing and making images since I was in high school back in 2009. However, i couldn’t afford my own camera till i came to China in 2016 and saved up some cash and finally bought my first camera in 2017!

I then started learning photography by the day. Taking my camera along and shooting all the time and anytime. my love for arts led me into photography and it was evident to me that taking a picture and spending time to process the picture gave me so much joy that i have still never regretted missing out on a trip and using the money i had saved on a camera.

As time went on, I decided to do some videography as well. i keep on learning the art everyday in order to improve upon myself and I am looking forward to the endeavors the art will take me on.”

Street Photography by Kwame
Street Photography by Kwame
Street Photography by Kwame
Street Photography by Kwame
Street Photography by Kwame
Street Photography by Kwame
Street Photography by Kwame
Street Photography by Kwame
Street Photography by Kwame


Street Photograph by Kwame

All photos have been taken by Kevin Twum Aboagye Okai © All rights reserved

If you haven’t had enough, visit http://www.lifeinkolor.com to witness more of his works!

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Have a colorful day! 🌸🍀


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