‘Finish Strong’ ~ ImpeccableMichael

About ImpeccableMichael 

Impeccablemichael, officially known as Oluwasegun Michael Oguntayo, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and Veterinarian.

His music career started back in High school, just after he converted to Christianity. Impeccablemichael is a passionate music artiste who is interested in inspiring and leading people in worship. His unique sound of music is greatly influenced by a host of musicians like Jonathan Mcreynolds, Tori Kelly, Deitrick Haddon, Asa, Travis Greene and Todd Dulaney.

Impeccablemichael is a versatile coach: a music director, instrument trainer and a detailed song writer.

Motivation for Music Single ‘Finish Strong’ 

Michael says:  ‘This song was conceived and birthed from a burning desire to end well and right, trusting that God who has begun the good work is more than able to bring it to a flourishing finish.

I have come to understand that to run this earthly race effectively, you need God and those clouds of witnesses he will bring your way. They are always there to cheer and stir you up as you stand to defend your title as a champion. Always remember that challenges and battles are put in place to test your faith and help you to remain a great warrior. Therefore, feed your faith to grow with the right food which is the word of God. Run effortlessly and do not cease to fix your gaze on the Author and the Finisher. Always remember that faith is the only currency you need to buy your way through this race and finish strong. How you start is nothing to be compared to how you finish. So I dare you to finish strong.

And knowing this surely: that there’s enough strength to be drawn from the Father. For in Christ we have strength not only to start well but also to finish strong.’


Finish Strong Lyrics

© All rights reserved by ImpeccableMichael

I just wanna finish strong

Even though I know I’ve been wrong

I just wanna finish strong

Even though I get discouraged

I know I’ve failed

But you are the only reason why I’ve stayed

Just keep me standing

And sign my branding

Keep burning

Keep me running

To the end

To the end

To the end

To the end

My faith is not shaking

I will run and not be weary

I will mount wings like eagles

I will walk and not faint

Keep me standing

And sign branding

Keep me burning

Keep me running

I wanna finish strong

I wanna finish strong

To check out the original song, and download, visit the following links. Michael is undoubtedly an impeccable vocalist and highly inspired artist.

The song can be downloaded on iTunes either by searching for impeccablemichaelor using these links:






13 thoughts on “‘Finish Strong’ ~ ImpeccableMichael”

  1. You forgot he dances too. This doctor is an embodiment talents, he’s humble and a great influencer. I have listened to Finish Strong, I’m blessed.. it’s a song to listen to when you’ve got the drive to chase a thing and also when you need to be encouraged to keep forging ahead. My prayer is we all finish strong. Big ups to you impeccablemichael…

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