Road Trip Nigeria

Written 16.08.18

It’s nothing like you have seen before. 

It’s sometimes long and for some grueling.

Throughout the trip, you can feel your heart beating a second faster than usual. 

The scenery is green, with all kinds of arable land. 

As we drive by, I am overwhelmed by the wealth of resources that lay all around me. 

At the mountains covered with greenery and beauty. 

I begin to wonder what walking up there would feel like. Would it be a forest or a mountain? Will it slope or steep up? 

I begin to wonder if people live there. As I stare at the mountains as we fly by almost at the speed of sound, I am enthralled by the blanketing of the grey skies over the mountains threatening and domineering as it looks every rainy season.

Lost in a daze, I begin to ponder that perhaps these mountains were once bare as mountains do. However, the rain came down hard, and the sun shun bright upon them, and soon the tough stony skin of the mountains gave way to be clothed in majestic green.

Perhaps they one day coalesced to be clothed so that in this time and day, my eyes will behold their magnificence and glorify our Father in heaven. 

by Sandra Chukwudumebi Obiora © All rights reserved



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