Incredible Paintings by Artist Yun Bang

It is always so exciting to discover that so many people around us secretly lead truly extraordinary lives full of extraordinary potential! 

About Yun Bang
Yun Bang is a Korean-born artist. 

She grew up with a deep love of nature and loved to draw, paint, read and dream about the unknown world throughout her childhood. 
She moved to Beijing as a young adult and completed university there.
She worked in Asia, Europe and Latin America. 
It was while working in Santo Domingo, she first began painting and drawing. 
She went to Spain and France to study classical drawing and painting techniques in a traditional atelier environment. 
Her work is informed by everyday observations as well as an interest in literature and imagination. 
She paints animals and flowers that can be seen easily around us using a tromp-l’oeil technique to help people to look at them again with a different view. 
She also paints human figures in a poetic way 
Now she works mainly with color pencil and pastel. 

She is a member of the Korean Fine Arts Association in China and currently resides and works in Beijing. 

Painting by Yun Bang
Painting by Yun Bang
Painting by Yun Bang
Painting by Yun Bang
Painting by Yun Bang
Painting by Yun Bang
Painting by Yun Bang
Painting by Yun Bang
Painting by Yun Bang
Painting by Yun Bang
Painting by Yun Bang
Painting by Yun Bang

Paintings are by Yun Bang © All rights reserved

If you will like to purchase Yun Bang’s original paintings and work,or will like more from her, you can contact me through the contact page on the menu bar, or you can also reach me via Wechat with the ID: apoetsbrain or via the email address

You can also contact Yun Bang through the Wechat ID: churumbele






2 thoughts on “Incredible Paintings by Artist Yun Bang”

  1. i just want to know if she runs workshop for people who are interessed in painting. I am one of them. I am born with the designing and drawing talent that i want to develop now.


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