It is like a thread of familiarity.

One that allows us to so terribly underrate that which we once held in great esteem.

A thread that curls tightly around our consciousness. Refusing to let it go.

That thing that makes us lose interest in that we had the most interest in.

Desensitized now we are. Of that one we called lover. The one we could never stop dreaming of.

The one we once could not breathe without.

The one that made our cheeks flush in excitement in their presence.

The one that had our hearts skipping inordinate beats time and again.

Desensitized now. Of the horrors around the world.

Of all these crazy things that made our hearts ache, and our blood boil with cries for justice.

Of those things that had our temperatures rise in anger,

And our heart praying up to God for mercy.

Desensitized now of that work that brought you joy.

That one that brought you prestige, and gladness. Of that marriage that is to last forever,

Of that gospel that rejuvenates our hearts. Insensitive to love itself.

Yet, no matter what, I will fight to keep that excitement alive.

To be forever sensitive to the words of my Maker.

Written by Sandra C. Obiora © All rights reserved


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