Photography with G&C

Founded in June 2017, G&C is a unique duo.

The band is composed of Gin (孙吉) and CaiCai (蔡秉汝) . They both have a strong sense of music and a seamless ability to create musical masterpieces together. Both of them excel in impromptu ensembles; their powerful telepathy even makes their rehearsing sounds like an improvisation. A tasteful blend of Chinese and Western in its true form, the sound of the band is one with a soul. Recently, this duo have begun to delve more into the divine world of photography.

About Gin Sun

Since childhood, Gin has been learning Zither and Piano. Being immersed in traditional folk music and professional performances since the tender age of 5, the graduation to the musical stage has made her into the world class performer that she is today

About CaiCai

Cai has been studying Erhu since his first days. Due to this passion for Jazz, Rock and Fusion, he has studied and explored Jazz guitar theory, which gave him the tools to master those impromptu performances, always bringing a touch of fusion with Chinese and Western sounds.

Recently, G&C are delving into the magnificent world of photography. Below are photos exploring their collaborative efforts. Happy viewing!

Photo by G&C
Photo by G&C
Photo by G&C


Photo by G&C
Photo by G&C
Photo by G&C
Photo by G&C
Photo by G&C
Photo by G&C
Photo by G&C
Photo by G&C

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Have a pleasant day.


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