Sandy’s 7 Ultimate Tips for Every Freshman at UESTC, China, and The World Over

I initially wrote this up for all my Christian friends coming into China and UESTC. However, I realized it also works for every other new student, and you can take tips from it too! Thus I am choosing to stay true to it and not change much.
Therefore, before I start, I cannot skip this major point which I label point zero. Welcome to Apoetsbrain. Happy reading ๐Ÿ™‚

0. Keep God first place always, all the time, every single day and in every single decision.

1. For all my friends coming in from West Africa or countries without winter, get your winter Jacket right now if you have none. Not sweaters, I mean winter jackets. Sweaters are also a must. Remember that winter is a respecter of no man lol.

2. Attend all classes. Also endeavour to take comprehensive Chinese classes or key language courses as seriously as you can. Don’t miss them ever. They bear great fruit for your Chinese speaking life and adaptation to the culture and the people.

3. Try hard to adjust to the people, the language, the food, all the good things you notice. It will make life affordable and easier. It is never fun to be around a foreigner who complains about everything every time. If you didn’t plan to adjust to the environment, then you shouldn’t have come.

4. Engage in extracurricular activities. Don’t just seat in your room. There is far more to life in China or any country you find yourself than being a student. It will be too sad if at the end of the day all you can say about your life in China or any country you traveled to for study, is that you came out of it with a certificate and record hours in lecture halls staring at your professors daily.

5. For Postgraduate, Graduate and even undergraduate Freshmen, if you haven’t already, start publishing anything you have worked on. Start working on anything. Just start somewhere. Google and YouTube are your best friends so get a VPN connection that can guide you to getting good journal papers to read. Don’t forget, a positive relationship with your supervisor is paramount. It is a wisdom thing. Go the extra mile to understand him or her. Be nice to all your teachers, lecturers, professors, and members of staff on the way.

6. Studying is not easy, people can, have, and do fall into depression along the way, so i return to point 0. Have something bigger than yourself and your intelligence and skills and all that you are. It could be a good time to learn more about who God is if you have no clue and even delve into why you may or may not feel God exists. It is always such good sport for theists and atheists alike.

7. Stay extra focused and prioritize. Working while studying is not a bad thing, but prioritize always. If your priority is to excel in your studies, then have that at the top of your list after God. If it is to make money, then have it high up there. However, as a student, especially as a graduate or postgraduate student, you need focus to excel in courses, and you require diligence to write and successfully publish any papers.

~ Written by Sandra C. Obiora-Bamisile

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