Remember to Live

Featured piece by Edidiong James Written 20.10.2017

At certain points in life, we realize our instincts were right all along.
Certain disasters could have been avoided
But could they really have?

If we did listen, we would be spared the pain but given the wonder.

We would have those thoughts of what could have been.

In the end, we realise there is more to life than making the right decisions.
There is also more to life than learning.
We get consumed by fear, by pressure, by worry,

We become so scared of the future, we do not even focus on the present.

We forget to LIVE
We forget to LOVE
We forget to be HAPPY

The fact is,
Mistakes, pain and tears are just part of what we face to achieve the ultimate thing that is LIFE.
Understanding these things make us better people
Sometimes, the best decision is to just let go, be free and let things take their course.

By Edidiong James

Edidiong James is a Nigerian student of Software Engineering, an Enthusiast, Singer, and Writer. She is passionate about God and Music. She believes that anyone can be anything with hard work and perseverance.


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