The Last Day of 2012

By Sandra C. Obiora ~ Written 31.12.12 (6 years ago)

It is the last day of 2012. A day many believed will not occur.

A day I and many have decided to use for reflection.

A moment in time when you stop all other activity to simply seat still.

To comprehend all the wasted days, hours, minutes.

‘What have I achieved this year?

Looking back 365 days I can say plenty.

In fact, plenty is an understatement.

However, plenty is also overstating the concise nature of my attainments.

Yet, there is no one else to whom to show gratitude to

But my Father in Heaven. The one and only true God.

For in this year I have met many, celebrated many, been celebrated,

I recognized the face of opportunity; I welcomed kissed it, hugged it,

I refused to let it go.

Still, there are still too many things I fall short of writing at this very seating

For even now, I am very excited to look 2013 in the face.

To embrace it, and welcome the plenteous blessings, favour, love, joy

That colour each day like the stars cover the sky each night.

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Photo by Pixabay

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