Silent Fighter

Featured work by Krystal (Gypsy) Orellano

When I look at old pictures of you,
I see God’s girl Legacy.
I often wonder if you remember me.
I really don’t want to bother you,
so please save your energy.
We haven’t talked in a while.
Funny how distance blends time together.

But you, I will always remember.
As a little girl, I followed you aimlessly.
Youth finds ways to create teenage reckless activities.
While age fixes the weight of shattered glass with love endlessly.
I will find a way to tell your epic story famously.

abstract art blaze bonfire

She is a silent fighter,
I sit on the sideline right beside her.
God’s love told this girl hold on a little tighter.
He was here to guide her.
It wasn’t her time, she was a survivor.
So, I lite a fire of hope through my poetry.
Even through dark roads, we find ways to grab onto our faith

That is our saving grace.

It’s nowhere near your time for the grave.
For you are a silent fighter.
God’s girl.
I am your words spreading your journey loudly.
When its hard to speak.
It’s the world I will reach.
Your name I preach.
My silent fighter,
don’t give up your battle,
For there isn’t anything this warrior can’t tackle.

Written by. Krystal (Gypsy) Orellano

A Tampa, Florida native, Krystal “Gypsy” Orellano Weldon is a spoken word poet, writer, and educator. Krystal is slowly transpiring as a creative nonfiction writer, being published in St. Petersburg College’s newspaper The Sandbox, Saint Leo University’s book the Sandhill Review and University of Westminster runner-up winner for the 2017 Mental Health Poetry competition.

Currently, Krystal is working on a Novel called The Lover’s Passion Lounge.


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