Hidden Intentions

Featured piece by Edidiong James. Written 27.06.18

How well can you trust a person ?
How much are you willing to risk?

How do you know the truth ?
How can you tell their truth is true?

Even I feel hypocritical,
Expecting from others what I cannot offer.

woman wears black suit jacket photography
Photo by bruce Mars

Even I feel like a fraud,
because I just might be the worst of them all.

I guess we will never know
The actual thoughts of another’s mind.

We will probably mistake the good deeds for bad,
And the bad for good.

But that’s okay.
Life is a mystery after all.

For what is a great book without it’s dose of suspense ?

By Edidiong James (Ediana)

Ediana is a Nigerian student of Software Engineering, an Enthusiast, Singer, and Writer. She is passionate about God and music. She believes that anyone can be anything with hard work and perseverance.


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