Photography With Cobus Fourie

Today’s featured work is by a South African legend in the making Marthinus Jacobus Fourie. Before we proceed, here are some words from the man himself.

Good day! My name is Cobus Fourie, and I am from sunny South-Africa. Since I was maybe 13 years old, I have done photography. My Dad bought me my first camera then, hahaha!

I started off by taking pictures of everything, and anything, but since then I have been concentrating more on landscapes, architecture, and people. I love to photograph wildlife too.

Photography is my passion in life, as I enjoy making and sharing memories. I hope to become better at it, and to possibly do it professionally.

I hope that you will enjoy my pictures, and be inspired by it.”

Photo by Cobus Fourie
Photo by Cobus Fourie
Chinese Restaurant
Photo by Cobus Fourie
Photo by Cobus Fourie
Chinese Eyes
Photo by Cobus Fourie
Photo by Cobus Fourie
Flower a
Photo by Cobus Fourie
Biker and rain
Photo by Cobus Fourie
Flower b
Photo by Cobus Fourie
Palms at twilight
Photo by Cobus Fourie

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